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Historical Catalogue







Press of

The F. a. Bassette Company

Spbingpibld, Mass.



fobewobd ......... 7

Chaktbb ......... 9

coepobation ........ 21

Faculty and other Officeks ..... 33

Men Graduates ........ 53

Non-Geaduates ....... 430

Special Students 530

Women Graduates 544

Non-Graduates ....... 570

SpECLAXi Students ....... 576

Medical Degrees ....... 585

Non-Graduate Medical Students . . . 589

Advanced Degrees ....... 591

Special Graduate Students ..... 609

Honorary Degrees ....... 616

Summary 669

Index 670

Addenda ......... 786


The Historical Catalogue of Brown University for 1914, pub- lished in connection with the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the college, differs in some respects from its prede- cessors, the catalogues of 1894 and 1904.

In order to keep the book of convenient size, it has been neces- sary to omit some material that appeared in the earlier volumes and to make later records brief. The history of the college will appear in the aimual catalogues, in which the charter will not hereafter be printed. The classes of women graduates are placed together, not, as formerly, printed after the men of corresponding years. Non- graduates and special students after 1894 are separated; this dis- criminates students who entered with the intention of taking a degree but for some reason did not complete the college work, from those who pursued specific lines of study without the intention of complet- ing the full college course. So far as possible membership in any of the Greek letter societies is recorded. The indexes of oJEcers and students have been consolidated and so arranged that all the refer- ences to each name appear under the name in one place. The geo- graphical index has been omitted because its usefulness is so soon destroyed by changes of residence. It is kept as accurately as possi- ble at the office and any information it affords may be obtained by applying to the Keeper of Graduate Records.

Card catalogues of all the living graduates and non-graduates of the University are kept in the AJumni Room in the John Hay Library. Here are filed also all records pertaining to students past and present, so arranged as to be easily available for. historical or research work.

Thanks are due to the alumni of Brown University for their prompt response to the inquiries addressed to them. Without their cooperation the present volume could not easily have been prepared.

Louise Peosseb Bates,

Keener of Graduate Records.

By the authority of the Advisory and Executive Committee of the Corporation, supervision of the preparation and pubUcation of this volume was intrusted to the Committee on the Academic Celebra- tion of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of the University. The Committee desire to express in this place their appreciation of the efficiency and fideUty of Mrs. Bates, the Keeper of Graduate Records, to whose efforts is due whatever merit the volume possesses. In so great a multitude of details there must be many errors. The Committee beheve that the number will be found to be small when the complexity of the material is considered.

The Charter of Brown University*

BY the Honorable the Governor and Company of the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence ^ Plantations in New England in America in ^7 . General Assembly convened at East Greenwich within and for the Colony aforesaid on the last Monday in February One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-four.

Whebeas Institutions for liberal Education are highly beneficial to Society by forming the rising Generation to Virtue, Knowledge, and useful Literature; and thus pre- serving in the Community a Succession of Men duly qualified for discharging the Ofiices of Life with Usefulness and Reputation; they have therefore justly merited and received the Attention and En- couragement of every wise and well regulated State: And whereas a Public School or Seminary, erected for that Purpose within this Colony to which the Youth may freely resort for Education in the vernacular and learned Languages, and in the liberal Arts and Sci- ences would be for the general Advantage and Honor of the Gov- ernment: And whereas Daniel Jenckes Esq; Nicholas Tillinghast Esq; Nicholas Gardiner Esq; Col. Josias Lyndon, p Col. Elisha Reynolds, Peleg Thurston Esq; Simon }f^^ f Pease Esq; John Tillinghast Esq; George Hazard Esq; Col. Job Bennet, Nicholas Easton Esq; Arthur Fenner Esq; Mr. Ezekiel Gardiner, Mr. John Waterman, Mr. James Barker Junr, Mr. John Holmes, Solomon Drown Esq; Mr. Samuel Winsor, Mr. Joseph Sheldon, Charles Rhodes Esq; Mr. Nicholas Brown, Col. Barzillai Richmond, Mr. John Brown, Mr. Gideon Hoxsey, Mr. Thomas Eyres, Mr. Thomas Potter, Junr, Mr. Peleg Barker, Mr. Edward Thurston, Mr. William Redwood, Joseph Clarke Esq; Mr. John G Wanton, and Mr. Thomas Robinson with many other Persons, appear as Undertakers in the valuable Design: And thereupon a Petition hath been preferred to this Assembly, praying that fuU

*With the exception of the marginal analysis and the notes, this reprint is an exact copy of the original charter engrossed on parchment, preserved in the archives of the University.


Liberty and Power may be granted unto such of them, with others, as are hereafter mentioned, to found, endow, order, and govern a College or University, within this Colony; and that, for the more effectual Execution of this Design, they may be incorporated into one Body PoUtic, to be known in the Law, with the Powers, Privi- leges, and Franchises, necessary for the Purpose aforesaid.

Now Thekefoee Know Ye, That being willing to encourage and . patronize such an honorable and useful Institution,

Ongmal tor- ^^ ^^^ ^^.^ Governor and Company, in General pora ors Assembly convened. Do, for ourselves and our Suc-

cessors, in and by Virtue of the Power and Authority, within the Jurisdiction of this Colony, to us by the Royal Charter granted, and committed. Enact, Grant, Constitute, Ordain, and Declare, And it is hereby Enacted, Granted, Constituted, Ordained and Declared, That the Hon. Stephen Hopkins Esq; the Hon. Joseph Wanton Jun. Esq; the Hon. Samuel Ward Esq; the Hon. WiUiam EUery Esq; John Tillinghast Esq; Simon Pease Esq; James Honyman Esq; Nicholas Easton Esq; Nicholas Tillinghast Esq; Darius Sessions Esq; Joseph Harris Esq; Francis Willet Esq; William Logan Esq; Daniel Jenckes Esq; George Hazard Esq; Nicholas Brown Esq; Jeremiah Niles Esq; Joshua Babcock Esq; Mr. John G Wanton, the Rev. Ed- ward Upham, the Rev. Jeremiah Condy, the Rev. Marmaduke Brown, the Rev. Gardner Thurston, the Rev. Ezra Stiles, the Rev. John Greaves, the Rev. John Maxson, the Rev. Samuel Winsor, the Rev. John Gano, the Rev. Morgan Edwards, the Rev. Isaac Eaton, the Rev. Samuel Stillman, the Rev. Samuel Jones, the Rev. James Manning, the Rev. Russel Mason, Col. Elisha Reynolds, Col. Josias Lyndon, Col. Job Bennet, Mr. Ephraim Bowen, Joshua Clarke Esq; Capt. Jonathan Slade, John Taylor Esq; Mr. Robert Strettell Jones, Azariah Dunham Esq; Mr. Edward Thurston Junr. Mr. Thomas Eyres, Mr. Thomas Haszard, and Mr. Peleg Barker, or such, or so many of them as shall, within Twelve Months from the Date hereof, accept of this Trust, and qualify themselves as herein after directed, j^ and their Successors, shall be forever hereafter One

Body Corporate and Politic, in Fact and Name, to be known in Law by the Name of Trustees and Fellows of the College or University, in the English Colony of Rhode Island, and Providence Plantations ia New England, in America; the Trustees and Fellows at any Time hereafter, giving such more particular Name to the Col-


lege, in Honor of the greatest and most distinguished Benefactor,* or otherwise, as they shall think proper: Which Name, so given, shall, in all Acts, Instruments and Doings of said Body Politic, be superadded to their Corporate Name aforesaid, and become a Part of their legal Appellation by which it shall be forever known and distinguished: And that, by the same Name, they ,

and their Successors, chosen by themselves as here- ^ .

after prescribed, shall, and may, have perpetual Sue- cession; and shall, and may be Persons able and capable, in the Law, to sue and be sued, to plead and to be impleaded, to answer and to be answered unto, to defend and to be defended against, in all and singular Suits, Causes, Matters, Actions and Doings, of what Kind soever: And also to have, take, possess, purchase, acquire, or other- wise receive and hold Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Goods, Chatties, or other Estates; of all which they may, and shall stand and be seized, notwithstanding any Misnomer of the College, or the Corporation thereof; and by whatever Name, or however imperfectly the same shall be described in Gift, Bequests, and Assignments, pro- vided the true Intent of the Assignor or Benefactor be evident: Also the same to grant, demise, aliene, lease, use, manage and im- prove according to the Tenor of the Donations, and to the Purposes,

*The following is an extract from the records of a meeting of the Corporation held Septem- ber 6, ISOJf-.

A LETTER from Mr. Nicholas Brown, dated on this present day, having been read in the following words, to wit:

Pboyidence, September 6, 180i. GenUemen:

IT is known to you that I have long had an attachment to this institution as the place where my deceased brother Moses and myself received our education. This attach- ment derives additional strength from the recollection that my late honored Father was among the earliest, and most zealous patrons of the College; and is confirmed by my regard to the cause of Literature in general. Under these impressions I hereby make a donation of Five Thousand Dollars to Rhode Island College, to remain in perpetuity as a fund for the establishment of a Professorship of Oratory and Belles Lettres. The money will be paid next Commencement and is to be vested in such funds as the Corporation shall direct for its augumentation to a sufiBciency in your judgment to produce a competent annual Salary for the within mentioned Profes- sorship.

I am very respectfully. Gentlemen, with my best wishes for the prosperity of the College, your obedient friend,

Nicholas Brown. Honored Corporation of Rhode Island College.

IT is therefore voted: That the thanks of this Coiporation be presented to Mr. Nicholas Brown for the aforesaid Donation, and it is further Voted, That this College be called and known in all future time by the Name of Brown University in Providence in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.


, , Trusts, and Uses to which they shall be seized

^ ' thereof. And full Liberty, Power, and Authority is

hereby granted unto the said Trustees and Fellows, and their Suc- cessors, to found a College, or University, within this Colony, for pro- - moting the liberal Arts, and universal Literature:


And with the Monies, Estates, and Revenues, of which they shall from Time to Time become legally seized as afore- said, to endow the same: And erect the necessary Buildings and Edifices thereof on such Place within this Colony as ^ .. they shall think convenient: And generally to regu-

^ late, order, and govern the same, appoint officers,

and make Laws, as herein after prescribed; and hold, use, and enjoy all the Liberties, Privileges, Exemptions, Dignities and Immunities, enjoyed by any College, or University, whatever.

And Furthebmoee, That the said Trustees and Fellows, and their Successors, shall, and may, forever hereafter have a Publick Seal to use for all Causes, Matters, and Affairs, whatever, of them and their Successors, and the same Seal to alter, break, and make anew, from Time to Time, at their Will and Pleasure; which Seal shall always be deposited with the Presi- dent, or Senior FeUow.

And Fuethermobe, By the Authority aforesaid. It is hereby En-

. acted. Ordained and Declared, That it is now, and

. J^ at all Times hereafter shall continue to be the un-

, , alterable Constitution of this College, or University,

that the Corporation thereof shall consist of Two Branches, to wit: That of the Trustees, and that of the Fellowship, with distLDLct, separate, and respective Powers: And that the Number ^ , , of the Trustees shall, and may be Thirty-six; of

, . . which Twenty-two shall forever be elected of the

of the Trustees denomination called Baptists, or Antipsedobaptists;

Five shall forever be elected of the Denomination called Friends, or Quakers; Four shall forever be elected of the De- nomination called Congregationalists, and Five shall forever be elected of the Denomination called Episcopalians: And that the Succession in this Branch shall be forever chosen and filled up from the respective Denominations in this Proportion, and according to these ~ Numbers; which are hereby fixed, and shall remain to Perpetuity


immutably the same. And that the said Stephen

Hopkins, Joseph Wanton. Samuel Ward, William Original Trus-

Ellery, John Tillinghast, Simon Pease, James Hony-

man, Nicholas Easton, Nicholas Tillinghast, Darius Sessions, Joseph

Harris, Francis WUlett, Daniel Jenckes, George Hazard, Nicholas

Brown, Jeremiah Niles, John G. Wanton, Joshua Clarke, Gardner

Thurston, John Greaves, John Maxson, John Gano, Samuel Winsor,

Isaac Eaton, Samuel Stillman, Russel Mason, Elisha Reynolds, Josias

Lyndon, Job Bennet, Ephraim Bowen, John Taylor, Jonathan

Slade, Robert Strettell Jones, Azariah Dunham, Edward Thurston

Junr, and Peleg Barker, or such, or so many of them as shall qualify

themselves as aforesaid, shall be, and they are hereby declared and

established the first and present Trustees. And that the Number of

the Fellows, inclusive of the President (who shall »t i ,

always be a Fellow) shall and may be Twelve; of , . .

which Eight shall be forever elected of the Denomi- . ^, h

7. IT. .. . » .• 11 .• . 1.1 of the t ellows

nation called Baptists, or Antipsedobaptists; and the

rest indiflferently of any or all Denominations. And that the Rev.

Edward Upham, the Rev. Jeremiah Condy, the Rev, Marmaduke

Brown, the Rev. Morgan Edwards, the Rev, Ezra Stiles, the Rev,

Samuel Jones, the Rev, James Manning, WiUiam ^ . p .

Logan Esq; Joshua Babcock Esq; Mr Thomas Eyres, ,

and Mr. Thomas Haszard, or such, or so many of

them as shall qualify themselves as aforesaid, shall be, and they are

hereby declared the first and present Fellows and Fellowship, to

whom the President, when hereafter elected, (who shall forever be

of the Denomination called Baptists or Antipsedobaptists) shall be

joined to compleat the Number.

And Fctbthekmobb, It is Declared and Ordained, That the Suc- cession in both Branches, shall at all Times hereafter , ^.

oil 1 1 1-1 J- i it TWT Relative num-

be filled up and suppued according to these JNum- , , ^,

, , . , f. , , , . . 1 1 T. . oers always the

bers, and this established and mvanable Proportion

, . -r^ .• 1 .1 . same

from the respective Denominations by the separate

Election of both Branches of this Corporation, which shall at all Times sit and act by separate and distinct Powers: Concurrent ac- And in general, in Order to the VaHdity and Con- timi of Trus- summation of all Acts, there shall be in the Exercise tees and Fel- of their respective separate and distinct Powers, the lows joint Concurrence of the Trustees and Fellows, by their respective


^ Majorities, except in adjudging and conferring the

egrees Academical Degrees, which shall forever belong,

exclusively, to the Fellowship as a learned Faculty.

And Furthebmobe, It is Constituted, That the Instruction and Government by immediate Government of the College shall forever the President be, and rest in the President and Fellows or Fellow- and Fellows ship.

And Fukthebmoke, It is Ordained, That there shall be a general . Meeting of the Corporation on the First Wednes-

day in September annually, within the College Edi- ^ fice, and until the same be built, at such Place as they

shall appoint, to consult, advise and transact the AflFairs of the Col- lege or University: At which or at any other Time, the Public Com- mencement may be held and celebrated. And that on any special 1 -tr f Emergencies, the President, with any Two of the . Fellows, or any Three of the Fellows, exclusive of

the President, may convoke, and they are hereby empowered to convoke an Assembly of the Corporation on Twenty Days Notice: And that in all Meetings, the major Vote of those pres- _ ent of the Two Branches respectively, shall be

^ deemed their respective Majorities aforesaid: Pro-

vided, That not less than Twelve of the Trustees, and Five of the Fellows, be a Quorum of their respective Branches. That the Presi- juf J . f dent, or, in his Absence, the Senior Fellow present, _ ., shall always be Moderator of the Fellows: That the

Corporation, at their annual Meetings, once in Three Years, or oftener in Case of Death or Removal, shall, and may „, ,. choose a Chancellor of the University, and Treasurer,

_ ' J from among the Trustees, and a Secretarv from

Treasurer and ^t -^^ n rm . .^ -kt . ,

among the Fellows: That the Nommation of the

, J^. Chancellor shall be in the Trustees, whose Office shall

. ,, be only to preside as a Moderator of the Trustees;

and that in his Absence, the Trustees shall choose a

Moderator for the Time being, by the Name of Vice-Chancellor: and

Vice-Chancel- ^* ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ Meetings, duly formed as aforesaid, l^j. shall and may be elected a Trustee or Fellow, or

Trustees, or Fellows, in the Room of those nomi- Vacancies to ?^*®*^ ^^ *^^^ Charter, who may refuse to accept, or be filled "^ *^® Room of those who may die, resign, or be re-



And Furthekmobe, It is Enacted, Ordained and Declared, That this Corporation, at any of their Meetings, regularly convened as aforesaid, shall and may elect and ap- ^ Y^

point the President and Professor of Languages, and ,. , , . ^ . . , , ^ Professors

the several Parts ot Literature: And upon the De- mise of him or them, or either of them, their Resignation or Removal from his or their Office, for Misdemeanor, Incapacity, or Unfaithfull- ness, (for which he or they are hereby declared removable by this Corporation) others to elect and appoint in their Room and Stead: And at such Meeting, upon the Nomination of the Fellows, to elect and appoint Tutors, Stewards, Butlers, and all such . other Officers usually appointed in Colleges or TJni- f f? -^ versities, as they shaU find necessary, and think fit to appoint for the promoting liberal Education, and the well ordering the Affairs of this College; and them or any of them, at their Discretion to remove, and substitute others in their Places. And in Case any President, Trustee or Fellow, shall see Cause to change his religious Denomination, the , ^, ^

Corporation is hereby empowered to declare his or , ...

i.i_ Til Til i J J i £11 denomination

their Place or Places vacant, and may proceed to fall

up it or them accordingly, as before directed, otherwise each Trustee and Fellow, not an Officer of Instruction, shall continue in his Office during Life, or until Resignation. And further, in Case either of the religious Denominations should decline taking a Part in this CathoHc, comprehensive and liberal Institution, the Trustees and Fellows shall and may compleat their Number, by electing from their respec- tive Denominations, always preserving their respective Proportions herein before prescribed and determined: And all ^7 .- i Elections shall be by Ballot or written Suffrage: > ,, . And that a Quorum of Four Trustees & Three Fel- lows may transact any Business, excepting placing the College Edi- fice, Election of Trustees, President, Fellows and ^. Professors, that is to say, so that their Acts shall be "

of Force and Validity until the next annual Meeting, and no longer. And it is further Enacted and Ordained by the Authority afore- said. That each Trustee and Fellow, as well those nominated in this Charter, as all that shall hereafter be duly elected, shall, previous to their acting in a corporate Capacity, take the Engagement of Allegiance prescribed by the Law of this Colony, to his Majesty King George the Third, His Heirs


and Rightful Successors to the Crown of Great-Britain, which En- gagement shall be administered to the present Trustees and Fellows, by the Governor or Deputy-Governor of this Colony, and to those from Time to Time hereafter elected by their respective Moderators, who are hereby empowered to administer the same.*

And still more clearly to define and ascertain the respective Powers , , of the Two branches, on making and enacting Laws,

■^ It is further Ordained and Declared, That the Fel-

^ lowship shall have Power, and are hereby empowered

from Time to Time, and at all Times hereafter, to make, enact and publish all such Laws, Statutes, Regulations and Ordinances, with Penalties, as to them shall seem meet, for the successful Instruction and Government of said College or University, not contrary to the Spirit, Extent, true Meaning and Intention of the Acts of the British Parliament, or the Laws of this Colony; and the same Laws, Statutes and Ordinances to repeal: Which Laws, and the Repeals thereof, shall be laid before the Trustees, and with their Approbation shall be of Force and Validity, but not otherwise. And further the Trustees , . , , and Fellows, at their Meetings aforesaid, shall - ascertain the Salaries of the respective Officers, and

•^ order the Monies assessed on the Students for

Tuition, Fines and incidental Expenses, to be collected by the Stew- ard, or such other Officer as they shall appoint to collect the same; . ,. , and the same with their Revenues, and other Col-

lege Estates in the Hands of the Treasurer, to appro- priate in discharging Salaries and other College Debts: And the College Accounts shall be annually auditted and adjusted in the Meeting of the Corporation.

And Fubthermobe, It is hereby Enacted and Declared, That into

-. ,. . this liberal and catholic Institution shall never be

, , admitted any religious Tests: But on the contrary,

all the Members hereof shall forever enjoy full, free,

absolute, and uninterrupted Liberty of Conscience: And that the

*September i, 1782, the Corporation by vote omitted from the engagement the acknowledg- ment of allegiance to the British crown. The form of engagement has since been modified at various times; the present form is as follows: You [person's name] being elected a member of this Corporation to the place of [Fellow or Trustee] do solemnly engage true allegiance to bear to the United States of America, and faithfully to discharge the duties of your present appointment: And this engagement you make and give on the peril of the penalty of perjury.


Places of Professors, Tutors, and all other OflBcers, the President alone excepted, shall be free and open for aU Denominations of Pro- testants: And that Youth of aU religious Denominations shall and may be freely admitted to the equal Advantages, Emoluments and Honors of the College or University; and shall receive a like, fair, generous, and equal Treatment during their Residence therein, they conducting themselves peaceably, and conforming to the Laws and Statutes thereof. And that the public Teaching shall, in general, respect the Sciences; and that the Sectarian Differences of Opinions, shall not make any Part of the public and classical Instruction: Although all religious Controversies may be studied freely, examined and explained by the President, Professors, and Tutors, in a personal, separate and distinct Manner, to the Youth of any or each Denomi- nation: And above all, a constant Regard be paid to, and effectual Care taken of, the Morals of the College.

And Fukthermoke, for the Honor and Encouragement of Litera- ture, we Constitute and Declare, the Fellowship _ ,. aforesaid, a Learned Faculty; and do hereby give, , ,

grant unto, and invest them, and their Successsors, with full Power and Authority, and they are hereby authorized and empowered, by their President, and in his Absence by the Senior Fellow, or One of the Fellows appointed by themselves at the an- niversary Commencement, or at any other Times, and at all Times hereafter, to admit to, and confer any and all the learned Degrees, which can or ought to be given and conferred in any of the Colleges or Universities in America; or any such other Degrees of literary Honor as they shall devise, upon any and all such Candidates and Persons as the President and Fellows, or Fellowship, shall judge worthy of the Academical Honors: Which Power of _. , conferring Degrees is hereby restricted to the learned * j

Faculty, who shall or may issue Diplomas or Certifi- cates of such Degrees, or confer Degrees by Diplomas, and authen- ticate them with the Public Seal of the Corporation, and the Hands of the President and Secretary, and of all the Professors, as Wit- nesses, and deliver them to the graduates as honorable and perpetual Testimonies.

And Fdethermokb, for the greater Encouragement of this Semi- nary of Learning, and that the same may be amply endowed and


enfranchised with the same Privileges, Dignities, Exemption immunities enjoyed by the American CoUeges, and

from taxation, ^^^^^^^^ Universities, We do Grant, Enact. Or-

dain, and Declare, And it is hereby Granted, En- acted, Ordained, and Declared, That the College Estate, the Estates, Persons, and Families of the President and Professors, for the Time being, lying and being within the Colony, with the Persons of the Tutors and Students, during their Residence at the College, shall be freed and exempted from all Taxes,* serving on Juries, and menial Services: And that the Persons aforesaid shall be exempted from bearing Arms, Impresses and Military Services, except in case of an Invasion.

And FtTRTHERMORE, for establishing the Perpetuity of this Cor-

p . .poration, and in Case that at any Time hereafter,

ft, r through Oversight, or otherwise through Misapre-

hensions, and mistaken Constructions of the Powers,

Liberties and Franchises herein contained, any Laws

*February 11, 1863, ths Corporation voted as follows:

WHEREAS the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island at its present session on the 11th day of February 1863, has passed an Act the principal Section of which is in the following words viz: Section 1. The Corporation of Brown University in Providence consenting hereto that the estates, persons and families of the President and Professors for the time being, and their successors in ofiSce, shall not hereafter be freed and exempted from taxes for more than the amount of Ten Thousand dollars for each of such ofiScers, his estates persons and family included.

And Whereas the Institution of Brown University, was established by its founders, was incorporated with liberal franchises by the State, has been maintained solely by private benefactions; all uniting for the same noble object, that is, to create and promote a seminary of religion and leamiag within this state whose beneficent in- fluences should be diffused, at home and abroad through all time.

And Whereas those influences can, and will be most happily diffused and continued by a cordial good will and a harmonious cooperation between the General Assembly and citizens of this State and the University.

And Whereas the General Assembly by its Act aforesaid has expressed the opinion that the President and Professors should bear a portien of the burdens of taxation from which they are exempted by our charter, and has made the validity of its said Act to depend upon the consent of this Corporation thereto, thereby affirming and maintaining the inviolability of said Charter.

THEREFORE, in order to manifest our cordial compliance with a reasonable wish of the General Assembly as expressed in said Act, It is hereby Voted and declared by the Corporation of Brown University, that being authorized by the Presi- dent and Professors of said University, this Corporation does in behalf of the President and Professors and in behalf of this Corporation consent to the said Act passed by the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island at its present session, as aforesaid and the Secretary of this Corporation is hereby instructed to file a copy of this vote tinder the seal of the Corporation and certified by himself in the Office of the Secretary of State, as proof of the consent of this Corporation thereto.

The above Report was accepted and the Vote was adopted unanimously.


should be enacted, or any Matters done and transacted by this Cor- poration contrary to the Tenor of this Charter, It is hereby Enacted, Ordained and Declared, That all such Laws, Acts, and Doings, shall be in themselves null and void: Yet, Nevertheless, the same shall not in any Courts of Law, or by the General Assembly, be deemed, taken, interpreted, or adjudged into an Avoidance, Defeazance or Forfeiture of this Charter: But that the same shaU be, and remain unhurt, inviolate, and entire unto the said Corporation, in perpetual Succession: Which Corporation may, at all Times, and forever here- after proceed and continue to act: And all their Acts, conformable to the Powers, Tenor, true Intent and Meaning of the Charter, shall be, and remain in full Force and VaUdity, the NuUity and Avoid- ance of any such illegal Acts to the contrary in any wise notwith- standing.

And Lastly, We the Governor and Company aforesaid. Do, for ourselves and our Successors, forever hereby Enact, Grant and Con- firm unto the said Trustees and Fellows, and to their Successors,

That this Charter of Incorporation, and every Part y^, . j. .7

.1 P T 11 1 1 1 M T 1 11 mi Charter for the

thereof, shall be good and available m all Ihings m , -j j.^,

.IT 1- T 1 T.«- benent of the

the Law, according to our true Intent and Meamng:

And shall be construed, reputed, and adjudged in all ,1 n, n i

Cases most favorably on the Behalf and for the best ,

Benefit and Behoof of the said Trustees and Fellows,

and their Successors, so as most effectually to answer the valuable

Ends of this useful Institution.

In fuU Testimony of which Grant, and of all the Articles and Mat- ters therein contained, the said Governor and Com- . , , pany do hereby order. That this Act shall be signed , ,

by the Governor and Secretary, and sealed with the Public Seal of this Colony, and registered in the Colony's Records: And that the same, or an Exemplification thereof, shall be a sufficient Warrant to the said Corporation to hold, use and exercise all the Powers, Franchises, and Immunities herein contained.

IN CONFORMITY TO THE ABOVE ACT, SAMUEL WARD, ESQ; Governor, Captain-General, and Commander in Chief, of and over the Colony aforesaid doth hereunto subscribe his Name, and hath caused the Seal of said Colony to be affixed the Twenty-fourth Day of


October One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-five, and in the Fifth Year of the Reign of his Most Sacred Majesty George the Third by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, &c,

SAM: WAKD By His Honor's Command Edw"" Thubston jun D : Secry.



Served Died

1765-1791 JAMES MANNING. D.D. 1791

1797-1802 JONATHAN MAXCY. D.D. 1880

1804-1826 ASA MESSER, D.D., LL.D. 1836

1827-1865 FRANCIS WAYLAND, D.D., LL.D. 1865

1855-1867 BARNAS SEARS, D.D., LL.D. 1880

1868-1872 ALEXIS CASWELL, D.D., LL.D. 1877





1786-1786 Perez Fobes, A.M. Vice President 1812

1791-1792 David Howell, A.M. Adinterim 1824

1792-1797 Jonathan Maxct, A.M. Pro tempore 1820

1802-1804 Asa Messer, A.M. Pro tempore 1836

1826-1827 Alva Woods, A.M. Ad interim 1887

1840-1841 Alexis Caswell, A.M. Pro tempore 1877

1867-1868 George Ide Chace, Ph.D., LL.D. Ad interim 1885

1896-1897 Benjamin Franklin Clakke, A.M. Pro tempore )

1898-1899 Benjamin Franklin Clarke, Sc.D. Ad interim )

1912-1913 Walter Goodnow Everett, Ph.D. Pro tempore


1764-1785 Stephen Hopkins, LL.D.

1785-1815 Jabez Bowen, LL.D.

1815-1828 Alexander Viets Griswold, D.D.

1828-1840 SAMT7EL WiLLARD Beidgham, A.M.

1841-1854 John Brown Francis, A.B.

1854-1867 Samuel Boyd Tobet, A.M., M.D.

1867-1873 William Samuel Patten, A.M.















Note. The degrees assigned to the members of the Corporation and Faculty are the highest borne in the given office.




1874-1878 Benjamin Fbanklin Thomas, LL.D.

1879-1888 Thomas Duhfee, LL.D.

1888-1907 William Goddahd, A.M.

1907- Arnold Buffum Chace, Sc.D.










1764-1776 Thomas Eybes, A.M.

1776-1780 Thomas Arnold, A.M.

1780-1806 David Howell, LL.D.

1806-1829 Samuel Eddt, LL.D.

1829-1837 Nathan Botjene Crocker, D.D.

1837-1843 Theron Metcalf, A.M.

1843-1846 William Giles Goddard, LL.D.

1846-1853 Nathan Bourne Crocker, D.D.

1853-1874 John Kingsbury, LL.D.

1875-1889 Samuel Lunt Caldwell, D.D., LL.D.

1890- Thomas Davis Anderson, D.D.











Boston, Mass.










Brookline, Mass.


1764-1767 John Tillinghast, A.M.

1767-1775 Job Bennet

1775-1796 John Brown, A.M.

1796-1825 Nicholas Brown, A.M.

1825-1857 Moses Brown Ives, A.M.

1857-1866 Robert Hale Ives, A.M.

1866-1882 Marshall Woods, A.M., M.D.

1882-1900 Arnold Buffum Chace, Sc.D.

1900- Corneltos Sowle Sweetland, A.M.


















1764-1791 James Manning, D.D.

1764-1783 Joshua Babcock, A.M.

1764-1768 Jeremiah Condt, A.M.

1764-1789 Morgan Edwards, A.M.

1764-1788 Thomas Eyres, A.M.

1764-1789 Edward Upham, A.M.

1765-1805 Hbzekiah Smith, D.D.

1765-1807 Samuel Stillman, D.D.

1765-1771 Marmaduke Brown, A.M.

1767-1771 Henry Ward, A.M.





Boston, Mass.


Philadelphia, Penn.






Haverhill, Mass.


Boston, Mass.











Jabez Bowen, A.m.




Jonathan Easton




John Davis, A.M.

Boston, Mass.



George Bissbtt




David Howell, LL.D.




Thouas Arnold, A.M.




Benjamin Waterhotjsb, M.D.

Cambridge, Mass.



Solomon Dhowne, A.M., M.D.




Thomas Fitch Olivek, A.M.




Enos Hitchcock, D.D.




Moses Badger, A.M.




KoBEBT Rogers, A.M.




James Brown




William Williams, A.M.

Wrentham, Mass.



Jonathan Maxct, D.D.




Abraham Ltnsen Clarke, A.M.




Henry Wight, D.D.




Perez Fobes, LL.D.

Baynham, Mass.



Asa Messer, D.D., T,T,.D.




David Leonard Barnes, A.M.




Samuel Eddt, LL.D.




Thomas Baldwin, D.D.

Boston, Mass.



Nathan Bourne Crocker, D.D.




Alexander Viets Griswold, D.D.




Henrt Edes, D.D.




Nathaniel Searle, LL.D.




Lucius Bolles, D.D.

Salem, Mass.



Nicholas Brown, A.M.




Alva Woods, A.M.

President ad interim



Francis Watland, D.D., LL.D.




Daniel Sharp, D.D.

Boston, Mass.



Theron Metcalf, A.m.

Boston, Mass.



Wilkes Wood, A.M.

Middleboro, Mass.



Robert Everett Pattison, D.D.




John Pitman, LL.D.




Richard Fletcher, LL.D.

Boston, Mass.



James Henrt Duncan, LL.D.

Haverhill, Mass.



Barnas Sears, D.D.

Newton Centre, Mass.



John Carter Brown, A.M.




William Giles Goddabd, LL.D.




Zachariah Eddt, A.M.

Middleboro, Mass.





1844-1850 William R. Williams, D.D.

1847-1853 Theeon Metcalp, LL.D.

1848-1862 Alvan Bond, D.D.

1850-1889 Alexajsider Duncan, A.M.

1851-1879 Isaac Davis, LL.D.

1853-1857 James Nathaniel Granger, D.D.

1853-1874 John Kingsbury, LL.D.

1854-1861 Nathan Bishop, LL.D.

1855-1858 Francis Watland, D.D., LL.D.

1855-1867 Babnas Sears, D.D., LL.D.

1858-1869 Baron Stow, D.D.

1859-1887 Alva Woods, D.D.

1862-1889 Samuel Lunt Caldwell, D.D., LL.D.

1863-1896 Edwards Amasa Park, D.D., LL.D.

1865-1874 Shadrach Standish Bradford, A.M.

1866-1888 Charles Smith Bradley, LL.D.

1867-1868 George Ide Chace, Ph.D., LL.D.

1868-1872 Alexis Caswell, D.D., LL.D.

1870-1887 Horatio Nelson Slater, A.M.

1870-1889 WiLUAM Gammell, LL.D.

1872-1889 EzEKiEL Gilman Robinson, D.D., LL.D.,

1874-1903 Alvah Hovby, D.D., LL.D.

1875-1877 Alexis Caswell, D.D., LL.D.

1875-1888 Rowland Gibson Hazard, LL.D.

1877-1888 Merrick Lyon, LL.D.

1879-1887 Hbman Lincoln, D.D.

1888-1904 Francis Wayland, LL.D.

1888-1895 Adoniram Judson Gordon, D.D.

1888-1901 Thomas Durpeb, LL.D.

1888-1898 Rowland Hazard, A.M.

1888-1889 John Calvin Stockbbidge, D.D.

1889-1893 Thomas Poynton Ives Goddahd, A.M.

1889-1898 Samuel White Duncan, D.D.

1889-1898 EusHA Benjamin Andrews, D.D., LL.D.,

1890-1893 Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe, D.D.

1890-1896 Charles Lewis Colby, A.M.

1890- Thomas Davis Anderson, D.D.

1893- Robert Hale Ives Goddard, A.M.

1894-1898 Richard Olney, LL.D.

1895- William Williams Keen, M.D., LL.D.

1896- George Edwin Horr, D.D.


New York, N. Y.


Boston, Mass.


Norwich, Conn.




Worcester, Mass.






New York, N. Y.






Boston, Mass.