16th March, 1669. To London, to place Mr. Chris-
topher Wase about my Lord Arlington.

i8th March, 1669. I went with Lord Howard of Nor<
folk, to visit Sir William Ducie at Charlton, where we
dined; the servants made our coachmen so drunk, that
they both fell off their boxes on the heath, where we
were fain to leave them, and were driven to London
by two servants of my Lord's. This barbarous custom
of making the masters welcome by intoxicating the
servants, had now the second time happened to my

My son finally came from Oxford.
2d April, 1669. Dined at Mr. Treasurer's, where was
(with many noblemen) Colonel Titus of the bedchamber,
author of the famous piece against Cromwell, <( Killing
no Murder.J>

I now placed Mr. Wase with Mr. Williamson, Secretary
to the Secretary of State, and Clerk of the Papers.

i4th April, 1669. I dined with the Archbishop of Can-
terbury, at Lambeth, and saw the library, which was not
very considerable.

i9th May, 1669. At a Council of the Royal Society
our grant was finished, in which his Majesty gives us
Chelsea College, and some land about it. It was ordered
that five should be a quorum for a Council. The Vice-
President was then sworn for the first time, and it was
proposed how we should receive the Prince of Tuscany,
who desired to visit the Society.

2oth May, 1669. This evening, at 10 o'clock, was born
my third daughter, who was baptized on the 25th by the
name of Susannah.

3d June, 1669. Went to take leave of Lord Howard,
going Ambassador to Morocco. Dined at Lord Arling-
ton's, where were the Earl of Berkshire, Lord Saint John,
Sir Robert Howard, and Sir R. Holmes.

roth June, 1669. Came my Lord Cornbury, Sir William
Pulteney, and others to visit me. I went this evening to
London, to carry Mr. Pepys to my brother Richard, now
exceedingly afflicted with the stone, who had been suc-
cessfully cut, and carried the stone as big as a tennis
ball to show him, and encourage his resolution to go
through the operation.

3oth June, 1669. My wife went a journey of pleasure